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Meet Johnna
Johnna Stewart, Instructor of Back To Basics Baking Class
My name is Johnna Stewart and I am the founder of Back to Basics Culinary Folk School.  For years I have had a desire to learn the traditional ways of cooking and canning.  I have been canning my garden harvests for the past 10 years and learning the techniques and processes of making my own cheese, butter, pasta and bread.  There is something special about putting together a meal knowing that it has been prepared by scratch and contains very little preservatives if any.  The thrill of watching yeast bread rise and cream turn into butter is delightful and very self-fulfilling.  

Artisan Bread 
I am excited to teach these back to basic skills to others.  Classes will be taught utilizing techniques such a kneading bread, making pasta with a traditional pasta maker, and long lost processes such as making butter with a hand-held butter churn.  The four day Italian Class is my favorite.  These sessions will teach the conventional methods of  baking Italian bread, crafting homemade butter and mozzarella cheese,  canning italian tomato sauce and making pasta from scratch.  On the last afternoon, we will put all these ingredients together and prepare a beautiful dish of lasagne to share with the new friends we have made during this fun class.   

Group Sessions, Private Lessons or Small 3-4 hour Home Parties are available.   Go to the Classes Page to view the different classes that are offered. 

Artisan Bread