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Mozza Pi Artisan Bread Camp
March 6-10

I just returned from an amazing week long Artisan Bread Camp in Louisville, KY.  The instructors Tom & Lori were great and I learned so much.  We learned Foccacia Bread, Whole Wheat Country Loaf, English Muffins, Ciabata, Bagles and so much more. 
Photo Gallery
  1. Sicilian Pizza
    Sicilian Pizza
    Tom demonstrating Sicilian Pizza Dough.
  2. Tom Edwards
    Tom Edwards
    This Tom Edwards, Master Baker and Instructor of our artisan aread classes
  3. Wood Fired Oven
    Wood Fired Oven
  4. MozzaPi
  5. MozzaPi Building
    MozzaPi Building
    This is where we took our Artisan Bread Class. They will be opening a restaurant here in about a month.
  6. Grain Mill
    Grain Mill
    This mill grinds is so neat. It has a sifter attached that will separate the flour from the bran.
  7. Focaccia Bread
    Focaccia Bread
    Focaccia Bread ready to go into the oven.
  8. Focaccia Bread Dough
    Focaccia Bread Dough
    Focaccia Bread Dough
  9. Focaccia Bread Cut
    Focaccia Bread Cut
    Look at my cut Focaccia Bread - Great Crumb!
  10. Pizza Baking
    Pizza Baking
    Pizza Baking
  11. Country Loaf
    Country Loaf
    My First Country Loaf - This bread was baked in a Rofco Stone Oven.
  12. Neopolitan Pizza
    Neopolitan Pizza
    We had amazing lunches during our class! Yum!
  13. Country Loaf
    Country Loaf
    Inside of my Country Loaf. So Proud!!